Operations continue during renovations Egon Zehnder in Munich

In January I reported in detail about the renovation of the offices of Egon Zehnder in Munich. Today I am pleased to announce that on August 22, after nearly one and a half years of work, we have completed the renovation and rehabilitation project.


I would like to give you an idea of how it turned out.



Interior Design ZehnderFor nearly one and a half years, my team and I accompanied the renovation of Egon Zehnder’s office spaces, covering six phases of construction on two floors.

It is very important to me to follow my projects from A to Z. This process starts with intensive preliminary meetings and hand-drawn diagrams. In this case, the first discussion took place in March of 2015.


Performing renovation work while operations continue is always a special challenge. Throughout every phase of the renovation, we must take precautions to avoid interrupting the routine workings of the company. As an interior architect with many years of experience dealing with office environments, I know how to handle these situations and frequently support such projects.


Bueroraeume-Egon-Zehnder-MuenchenFortunately for us, the employees of Egon Zehnder have been very understanding at all times and construction work was always performed in consultation with the team. Whether we were performing demolition, installing new electronics, or painting the walls, the work always had to be conducted in a way that did not excessively burden the company with noise, dirt, or smells.


Lichtgestaltung LampenFor Egon Zehnder’s project, my team and I completely redesigned the spaces, installed a suitable lighting system, rehabilitated the guest bathrooms, laid new carpet on 1400 m2 of floor space, painted all walls and ceilings with a new color design, and renovated the wood interior fittings for the conference room.


SD12549-_0002bea webAnyone who knows anything about Egon Zehnder knows that world renowned creative minds pass through these doors every day. So of course it was important to have an impressive reception area. Just like people, rooms never get a second chance to make a first impression. For this reason, I place a particularly high priority on the design of entry areas and reception halls. In some ways, architecture is always about communication. The reception area of a building tells you something about the company itself. The main goal is to find a way to embody the style and character of the company using the tools and methods of interior architecture.


Lichtgestaltung Interior DesignBut just to be clear: Style and character may not come at the expense of other areas! For this reason, I always allocate enough time for each project so I can indulge in my love for details.




SD12549-_0183bea web



In the case of Egon Zehnder, we installed acoustic panels for research and videoconferencing, selected panel curtains, and implemented roller blinds for the windows looking onto the inner courtyard.





I would like to take this opportunity to once again extend my warmest thanks to Egon Zehnder for the successful collaboration and wish all employees of the company continued success.


Are you considering an interior architecture project for your offices? Contact me via e-mail or give me a call anytime! I will be happy to provide you with a preliminary offer for your project!