Having artistic skills is an important requirement in my profession as an interior designer. For every one of my client projects, I produce specific drawings reflecting my own personal style and method. Just like any artist, I create a sketch at the beginning of every work, for I am of the opinion that an object will only have personality if it’s drawn up by hand. Then I use the color drafts to create 3D templates for the next stage in the process step-by-step.

When you take a close look at my website and my references, and by no later than meeting me personally, you’ll quickly recognize that I like to combine traditional craftsmanship with new technologies. Design and function alike play a central role, and are both planned into the project right from the start. A bedroom with water bed and starry sky, a dressing room with wellness oasis, or a pirate ship for a kid’s room. Everyone has their own personal ideas.

What distinguishes me from others? I use only timeless materials procured from business partners I’ve had for many years. I exclusively oversee the various trades throughout the entire course of project execution. That means I can monitor building and planning needs right from the start to secure that you will be happy with our work for the years and decades to come.

Would you like to become more familiar with my style in a personal, non-binding meeting? Feel free to contact me.