Atelier Minarik: School project children’s home

What would your ideal children’s room look like? That is what we would like to know from class 7a of Munich’s Fürstenried Gymnasium. It is one of only four classes nationwide to be chosen to participate in a design project.

We, interior designer Christine Rittinghausen and I, joined by a German children’s furniture producer, want to give students a chance to develop their own children’s room. The project is part of art class and is intended to promote the students’ creative interaction with their surroundings. Together with their teacher Marijanca Ambos, we are supporting the children in developing their ideas. At the end of the program, there will be a small piece of furniture valuing 2,000 euros for each class as a small token of our appreciation.

I’m very excited to see what their ideal children’s rooms will end up looking like. Unfortunately, we’ll need to have a little more patience, for the results from the design project won’t be presented in Berlin in February 2014. All of the school classes will be presenting their ideas at a large press conference. Let’s see if the “in” colors are still pink for girls and blue for boys.

However, there is one thing I already know now from my experience in the numerous projects with my own young clients: a loft bed still excites every child! Read about what you’ll need to keep in mind in my July blog post: “Mami, Daddy we want a bunk bed!”.