Space meets color: Exhibition at Atelier Hermann Rosa

Atelier Hermann Rosa in Munich is hosting a highly recommendable event this month.


Atelier Rosa at Osterwaldstr. 89

To be sure, the atelier of architect and sculptor Hermann Rosa is itself well worth a visit. Astonishingly, it is one of the lesser known insider tips in Munich. The glass & cement cube stands out due to its radical style from the early Sixties. Rosa built the atelier himself. That means it is not only his workshop, but also a building with the spirit of a sculpture. An over-dimensional walk-in sculpture, one could say. In a certain sense, the atelier is a timeless masterpiece in which raw puristic cement of varying shapes, lines, edges, and curves enters into endless interplay with sunlight, yet still reserved enough for exhibited artworks take their full effect.




A special exhibition hosted there in April under the direction of curator Dr. Barbara Rollmann-Borretty will feature artworks of sculpture and painting, inviting visitors to join a world of colors and shapes, of contrasts and similarities.


The artistic pairing at this exhibition allows abstract color painting to enter dialog with feminine bronze sculptures from the early Fifties. The paintings originate from Swedish painter Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg, the sculptures are from Hermann Rosa himself.



The sculptor Hermann Rosa

Hermann Rosa (1911-1981) made a name for himself in architectural circles as a planner and builder of his own ateliers. The sculptor embodied his ideas in his sculpture-like structures and his sculptures themselves in equal measure. The hallmark in his architectural works is the use of fewer ignoble materials and the targeted implementation of form and sunlight.


The artist Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg

A native of Sweden, she resides in Munich and embodies a kind of counterpoint to the sculpture’s work. It is particularly in this stringent ambiance of the gray cement atelier that the highly colorful paintings by the Swedish artist take full effect, in a certain manner transferring their vitality into the room.




Event at Osterwaldstr. 89

Inauguration will on 17 April with curator Dr. Barbara Rollmann-Borretty (3pm-7pm).

On Wednesday, 20 April, you’ll have the chance to meet Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg personally during an artist talk (4pm-7pm).

On Saturday, 23 April, there will be a unique chance to talk about the life and work of Hermann Rosa with his son, Veit Rosa (2pm-6pm).

The exhibition will close on Sunday (2pm-6pm).


Borretty Contemporary Art

I’ve had a close working relationship with curator Barbara Rollmann-Borretty (Boretty Contemporary Art) for years now. We frequently work together when the goal is to provide a client with a special ambiance by adding a work of art. She specializes not only in ateliers, but also in private residences when it comes to finding just the right space for a work of art to take its full effect. In my article on the art of furnishings, you’ll find more information about this step in our work.



If you have questions on the subject, just ask! Perhaps we’ll see each other at Atelier Hermann Rosa… I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the exhibition!