Creative Lighting Design with LED

One of my projects for this year involves a switch to LED in a Munich flat. This reduces energy consumption while also improving the quality of illumination. Light researchers study optimal lighting, and have reached the conclusion that better lighting quality automatically translates into a higher quality of life. While I am no light researcher and certainly take an approach that is more emotional than scientific, I do find myself on the lookout for the best possible lighting for a space again and again. For a room’s mood is largely set by illumination, which has an immense effect on human comfort. Perhaps you’ve already heard of light boxes, which are used to treat bouts of winter depression.

This LED technology provides me with new approaches in using light when designing a space. The variety is vast, with the quality of a light’s color and color rendering opening up a wide range of applications. Compact dimensions and significant reduction in heat generation mean that a wealth of ideas can be turned into reality. The goal is no longer to find the right lamp for the center of a room in order to brighten up the space; rather, light is now implemented in an individually tailored manner: from above, below, the side, focused on a certain point, or via diffused beams. Integrated into furniture and walls, dropped into a floor, or hovering in a room. When light is implemented correctly, a room can feel wide or narrow, low or high. The space is given direction or a center point. A well-planned concept will be tailored to the special needs inherent to how a room is going to be used. For example, a work room will of course have an entirely different kind of “optimal lighting” than a bedroom, a reading corner, a kitchen counter, or a child’s room.

However, it also takes time to design something like this the right way: when it comes to finding optimal lighting, I have five months of planning time for aforementioned project, with another six months scheduled for implementation.

Would you, too, like to be equipped with the right lighting to enjoy a winter full of atmosphere and, above all else, delight? Then don’t hesitate to contact me. Winter always comes faster than we think. For now though, be sure to enjoy the height of summer!