Are you, too, somehow happier during summertime? Summer not only provides us with sunshine and warmth, but also triggers the hormones for happiness and simply makes life brighter all around. In autumn, by contrast, the days gradually become shorter, and the body starts to release sleep hormones, shifting our metabolism down a gear. Moreover, the body’s immune system is running at full blast to protect itself from cold, viruses, and bacteria. So, how do we get our moods and our immune systems back to where they should be? Heading into a sauna can have a preventative effect.

What do you need to know when you would like to have a sauna for your own home?

1. You’ll need space – at least 20 square meters if you’d like to have a dousing shower, Kneipp hose, and potentially a WC as well as a nearby spot for relaxing. Some clients have even more space available, and dream of having a floor pool for taking a dip. This is also a potential variation (see photo).

2. How many spots are needed for lying, how many for sitting? Count on at least 2.00 m x 2.20 m, as well as 2 m of height in order to accommodate 4 – 5 persons. Ventilation is important.

3. A non-slip floor and the right power connection are additional fundamental requirements.

4. Where should the sauna be located, and what should its design look like? Many of my clients love glass, and wish to have the opportunity for a wonderful view out into the open whenever possible.

5. There are no limits when it comes to design. This will entirely depend on your wishes. Would you prefer to have a vapour sauna, or a Finnish or Roman model? Diverse lighting elements, aromas, music, and audio capabilities, such as sea, jungle, or forest sounds will turn a sauna into your own personal wellness oasis.

If you are planning to build a sauna at your own home soon, then please make sure to work with products of certified quality, and also be sure you know how to work with high-voltage current. It’s also important to remember there are high temperatures inside the sauna. Those who would rather have an expert at their side can gladly contact me. I’ll provide you with support for planning as well as for implementation – be it a sauna, a swimming pool, or an entire wellness area. Contact me, with no strings attached