On Sunday, 11 November 2012, everything was ready to go – my family and I had invited friends and business partners to the Orangery Hall at Nymphenburg Palace to recall our father’s wonderful work.

Months prior, we had begun preparation with art consultant Dr. Barbara Rollmann-Borrety of borrettycontemporyart, selecting works by my father and arranging them for the exhibition. The designs originate from his body of work for theater and television, such as a stage set for “Intrigue and Love” by Friedrich Schiller (image to the left), festivals, conventions, as well as spaces for living and entertaining.

Some 300 visitors came to see the exhibition on that day. For all those who were able to spend that spectacular day with us, and also for those who unfortunately couldn’t make it, we have collected the most beautiful impressions in a small e-book here. Additionally, there is a brochure from the exhibition currently in the works. The marvelous photos were taken by my long-time friend and photographer Florian Geserer, Fotostudio Sexauer.

Anyone interested in a specific photo or two of themselves, or of the works (we photographed each picture individually) as a memento can gladly contact me (

Have fun!