Interior Design meets Industrial Design

Atelier Minarik, interior design and furnishing specialist for over 60 years, welcomes Andreas Möller into our new shared office.



In April, Industrial Designer Andreas Möller moved into our office. We are united by many years of friendship and a passion for our creative professions. Andreas Möller has worked for numerous renowned companies and received multiple awards, including the reddot design award.


A few months ago, he sent me an unassuming SMS asking me to keep my eyes and ears open for a new office space. It didn’t take long for me to come up with the idea of offering him the free room at our office. It wasn’t until later that he grinningly admitted this had been precisely his intention. He was familiar with the space and attracted to its Feng Shui energies.


Like me, Andreas Möller is a communicative person who was looking for a working environment where people don’t just labor in the same space, but can also exchange information about their mutual interests. His calculation turned out to be correct – as did mine. One could nearly speak of great synergy. What makes this interaction so special? What are an interior designer and an industrial designer doing in the same office space? Here’s one example:


As an interior designer, I provide new flair for my customers’ spaces. Each project is one hundred percent tailored to the wishes of my customers, always bearing my own personal signature. I never start a project without a hand-drawn sketch. Years of experience have meant it’s now easy for me to envision fully completed spaces based on two-dimensional drawings. Yet, what should one do when this envisaging process doesn’t come as easily to my clients? A sketch on a sheet of paper or a screen is by no means a room. Where am I standing in the room, what are the distances between objects? Things become easier for my clients when they see realistic 3D photo visualizations. The space suddenly comes alive to show its future form. The same goes for entire houses and gardens. It’s as if someone had taken a spatial photo of the future. Envisioning suddenly becomes much easier, which aids the decision-making process. These 3D visualizations can now be created for me by the expert Andreas Möller. On the other hand, he often has clients who need trade show booths. The help of an interior designer will surely prove beneficial to that end now and again. We complement each other ideally, enriching each other’s work.


Does your experience line up with many of my clients? Are you about to perform a big remodeling project and cannot really picture how the final result will look? Contact me! I’ll be happy to give you a hand.


I look forward to the great partnership and exchange with my colleague Andreas Möller. Instant collaboration, as it were – when something comes up, one calls the other over and we can discuss everything over a cup of coffee. We’ll be happy to include you in this experience.