Living better, barrier-free

Added value through accessibility

When purchasing a house or an apartment, accessibility is a crucial aspect to consider. An investment in an apartment is an investment in the future. It makes sense to plan long-term and to design your property in such a way that you can enjoy it in every phase of life.

As an interior designer, this topic is near and dear to me. In the end, accessibility does not only affect older individuals but also families with small children, those with physical handicaps or those with a short-term disability that limits their mobility.


Style-appropriate rather than simply age-appropriate

For many people, accessibility is far removed from design. Take a moment to consider what comes to mind when you imagine a barrier-free bathtub…

I can assure you, however, that accessibility can look entirely different!

Here at Atelier Minarik, we carry out accessibility renovations of condominiums, private homes or vacation apartments in Germany and abroad. We know how to design a barrier-free apartment or house in a modern and tasteful way without creating the feel of a retirement home, always taking into account the design and style of the building, of course.

As an interior designer, I invest 100% creativity in my projects, whether they involve installing appropriate elevators, spacious showers, bathrooms, or specific bed constructions.


Comfortable for everyone

In the end, accessibility is comfortable for everyone, not only for those that depend upon it. Creating accessibility is therefore in the interests of all. This is true for public spaces as well as for the design of private apartments.


Living barrier-free: increased the value of real estate

Accessibility consequently increases the value of your property. Forward-thinking and planning from the beginning pays out when it comes time to sell or rent your property. When updating an apartment, it also makes sense to pay attention, when possible, to ways of creating accessibility. In my role as interior designer, I am happy to offer you advice on where it is possible to remove thresholds, shift doors or to design bathrooms in a more sensible manner to ensure a comfortable living space over the long-term.


Accessible vacation apartments both in Germany and abroad

You have something to offer elderly travelers as well as young families when you rent out a barrier-free vacation apartment. Anyone traveling with heavy luggage or small children appreciates accessibility. These small details may seem insignificant at first, but they have an enormous impact on how comfortable an apartment feels. Plus, only contented guests are repeat guests.


Barrier-free bathrooms

For those interested in a barrier-free bathroom design, there are bathtubs equipped with shower heads with wonderful design concepts that are nearly barrier-free. These days, many houses and apartments have shower stalls that are completely barrier-free simply because they look great and are completely practical at the same time. Today, accessibility does not mean that interior design has to take a back seat. Rest assured that we at Atelier Minarik will implement plans for accessibility with style in mind and ensure that this is a decision you will benefit from for years to come.


Barrier-free kitchens

It is not merely an issue of door thresholds when it comes to barrier-free or barrier-limited kitchens. When it comes to wheelchair access, it is particularly important that there is space for a wide turning radius, that the countertop height is appropriate and that the stovetop and sink are at the right height, with space underneath for wheels. There are specific sinks which facilitate hand-washing and sliding cabinets that allow you to put dishes away in a sitting position. The placement of electric devices and outlets are adjusted on an individual basis. For visually-impaired individuals, cabinets with sliding doors, for example, diminish the risk of injury in case they are left open. As you can see, there are many planning aspects of an apartment that can significantly improve daily life.


Feel free to contact me any time for advice on barrier-free living and how it can be implemented in an older building or a new construction, in a condominium or a vacation rental abroad. When it comes to barrier-free living in Munich, we are your point of contact for all projects, whether for those concerning the purchase of an apartment from a property developer (LINK), those in a listed farmhouse (LINK), for an office space or a penthouse in the historic city center of Munich.


I look forward to your call or email!