Marks from limestone and water, residual toothpaste and soap: these things can make even the most beautiful of sinks appear old and drab. Those looking for luster and freshness must either really clean, or come up with a better idea.

One of my clients finds himself irritated by unsightly sink watermarks every day. After a personal meeting, it became clear that a lasting solution had to be found. Our joint idea: a personalized soap and toothbrush holder for the entire family, designed so that all water drops can flow into the sink by passing through a grate.

Many of my clients have very specific dreams when it comes to their own home – sometimes their wishes are big, sometimes they are small. The important thing is that they tell me about them, for those of us who understand our craft can make every dream become a reality by implementing creativity and craftsmanship. That is why you won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions in my work. All of the details of interior design are individually selected by me, and then put together with great care. Everything from handrails and materials to, as in this case, even a personalized soap and toothbrush holder.

So, what is your wish? Do tell me!