No Springtime Lethargy at Atelier Minarik

When you rest, you rust. And as an interior designer, rust is usually something I’m looking to purge. That means I don’t even give springtime lethargy a chance to get started. And this year is no exception.

Three friends recently joined me on a trip to La Grave in France. Our friendly guide, Coco, really knew everything about the place, showing us the most breathtaking trails and runs.

We all love the combination of free-riding and ski touring. With this tremendous mountain backdrop, I prepare my new projects on the side. Nature and exercise are wonderful sources of inspiration for me.

It’s with good reason that the region around La Grave is known as a paradise for free riders. Keeping my distance from groomed runs, my thoughts are able to run freely. This preference characterizes not only how I spend my free time, but how I perform my work as well. Away from the mainstream, heading down the path of finding my customers’ own personal style.

By the way, La Grave is also rumored to be one of France’s most beautiful villages. And while I still have good friends around me, I can be certain that each and every one of my projects in the year to come will receive a bit of the energy I’ve built up here.

I can’t wait to see which hot spot draws us next year…

Until then, enjoy spring!

And should you find a bit of rust during spring cleaning, or notice you need a change within your own four walls, don’t hesitate to contact me…