…have wonderful stories to tell, especially when they date back to the 17th Century.

Do you recall the farmhouse project I had the opportunity to renovate and remodel with my architect colleague Johannes Wegmann?

The planning started back in June 2010. Two and a half years later, the wonderful object was finalized – the owner and we at Atelier Minarik alike are elated and proud of the outcome.

Having an old estate or idyllic farmhouse as a residence or place to work has become the dream of many city dwellers. State funds earmarked for preserving historical heritage, and a potentially low-interest real estate loan, make purchases of this kind interesting from a financial perspective. However, renovating objects like this is no matter of child’s play and absolutely needs to be performed by a professional – otherwise, the “farmhouse” renovation adventure can quickly turn into a nightmare!

Do you need advising or have questions about everything you should take into consideration before purchasing a building under protection as cultural heritage? Feel free to call me.