At home in Munich – the city with the highest quality of life and incomparable joie de vivre.

Trend-setting taste in home decoration has been, and continues to be, shaped in the alluring, art-loving Bavarian metropolis. With masterly framed photos, and content that is as entertaining as it is informative, the illustrated book “Raum & Design München” is an introduction to the highly diverse, creative residential spaces found throughout Munich. Of course, no book of such an undertaking would be complete without “Atelier Minarik,” featured on pages 124-125.

My clients have been coming to find me high above the rooftops of Schwabing for more than 20 years now. Those who pay me a visit are not only welcomed with tasty espresso or tea, but also with highly personalized, top-of-the-line treatment – regardless of whether you are looking to renovate a private home or an apartment in Munich, avacation home in Majorca, a retirement home, or a farm house in Austria protected as cultural heritage. There is only one thing you will not receive from me: A cookie-cutter solution!

I draw and color every sketch by hand, and keep doing so until it has evolved into exactly what you want to see. Then, the drawing is converted into a draft 3D template with the help of CAD software so that the further steps for execution can be planned.

Good planning is the alpha and omega! The decisive factor for realizing successful projects, however, is human collaboration and a captain who knows how to lead and motivate his team. I assume that roll for you, for craftsmen, building administrators and architects all speak a different language and have varying interests, all of which I bring down to a common denominator with ample dexterity.

Need professional advice on a topic like building valuation or conceptualization? Do come visit me at my workshop and we’ll find the right solution for you.

By the way, for you architecture and design fans – you can order the book “Raum & Design München” (published by Neuer Umschau Buchverlag, October 2012, 978-3-86528-546-1, €34.95) here. It’s worth it!