Work method



“Enjoying life is best done at one of most beautiful places in the world: your own home.”
The whole experience will begin with a personal conversation at your home. There, I learn more about your building project and about you yourself – that is the most important aspect of my work, as it’s the only way I can then turn your wishes and dreams into practice..

“I am an interior designer and an artist simultaneously”
Just like every artist, every piece I work on starts with a sketch. That freehand draft is then developed into a model – also by hand; for I am of the opinion that an object will only have a personal touch if it has been signed by hand. Then, further drawings and perspectives follow – until the concept matches your ideas and meets your expectations.


The sketch is then turned into a 3D draft of the design with the help of a computer-based CAD system so that the further steps to implementation can be planned.

“I am a captain who leads his team”
The decisive factor for realizing successful projects is working together well and having a captain who leads and motivates his team. As an interior designer, I work in an interdisciplinary manner with various professions ranging from craftsmen, building managers and architects all the way to builders. Each of them speaks a different language and has varying interests which tactfully have to be brought to a common denominator. Therefore, a good interior designer will be distinguished by rhetorical and social competence.

“Only dead fish swim with the mainstream”
If you’re concerned about losing your identity with mass-produced wares, then you’ve come to the right place with me. I can tailor a solution directly to your personality.