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Shade sails: The art of shielding yourself from the sun at home

Customized shade sail design in the greater Munich area

Airy design, easy handling, modern architecture: Shade sails are a real eye-catcher for your garden, pool, or terrace.

As an interior designer, my designs for outdoor textile shading solutions are aesthetic, creative, and functional.

Know-how and expertise to produce the right kind of shade

After years of collaborating with producers of parasols, awnings and sails, we’ve become experts when it comes to creating superb shading solutions, enabling us to customize to your individual wishes and implement them optimally. Tap into our tremendous experience and expertise to create your ideal outdoor living space – be it for your terrace, balcony, or garden.

Enjoy hours next to your pool under the protection of delicious shade, effortlessly adjustable by hand or at the push of a button to spare you the tediousness having to re-position over and over as the sun moves while also elevating the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Design and quality: modern shade sails score points through elegance and high-quality materials

There are virtually no limits on creativity when using sails to create shade. The skillful selection of form, color, and placement yields shade sail sculptures of the purest aesthetics resembling a modern work of art. Transparency is a popular element of modern architecture as well as a wonderful tool for ornamentation in shade sails. Be it triangle, rectangle, rhombus, square, or trapezoid, there is a wealth of design options available. To ensure your shade sails last a long time, I exclusively collaborate with dealers who stand for superb quality.

It takes more than just fabric: technique provides the right touch

Sophisticated shading techniques enable you to adjust your shade flexibly based on the sun’s position, be it manually, at the push of a button, or even using a smartphone. By adding automation, it only takes the push of a button to configure size and direction based on the time of day. Yet it’s also possible to architecturally integrate fixed models at your home to deliver both functionality and elegance.

Here, it’s essential for the customization in line with your individual needs and the conditions on-site. As an interior designer, I’ll be happy to provide consultation on material safety and quality. We’ll discuss aspects such as mast customization as well as the ideal location for your shading system. The larger the shade sail, the more important structural safety and stability become for the event of strong winds.

Retracted or rolled – The right shade sail for you

Whether a retractable or rollable shade sail is right for you will depend on your location and equipment options. Retractable shade sails can add an individual touch to your outdoor area and generally be moved into any position, i.e. there are no predefined slots. This solution likewise facilitates individualization based on sun position.

Having the right material is essential

Depending on how the shade sail is going to be used, it may make sense to consider a waterproof model. That’s less important for rollable shade sails because they are rolled in for when it rains. Waterproof material can indeed make a lot of sense for a solid shade cloth or retractable shade canopy.

The double shade sail – Turning triangles into rhombuses

Skizze Sonnensegel Innenarchitektur: Beschattungssystem fuer den Garten

Practical and popular: Two interconnected triangular sails which can be used individually or together as needed. These sails always maintain an optimum level of tension and represent a perfect solution, especially for seating areas. The ends of the sails can be attached to either poles, walls, trees, or even fences.

Shade sail design

We all have different tastes. Some prefer their sun canopy to be colorful and patterned, while others prefer neutral monochrome. Currently, there is a clear trend moving toward monochrome solutions. Light fabrics such as beige, white, and reddish are extremely popular. However, dark colors can also look great.

As you can see, there are boundless possibilities for enhancing your outdoor area by selecting the right shade sail. It would be a pleasure to handle the customized planning for your individual shade system.

Contact me today via e-mail or phone to enjoy countless sunny days in the shade this season!