When form, color, and dynamics of a work of art are being leveraged to provide a special kind of ambiance for my clients, or when there is going to be a change in how pictures are hung or framed, that’s when I call my business partner of many years for advice, Barbara Rollmann-Borretty of BORRETTY CONTEMPORARY ART.

In the first step, she and I head to the client’s site together. Then, I introduce her to the project owner. Just like with me as an interior designer, her work commences with a personal conversation.

There are three factors that need to be in harmony:

1. The client’s personality

2. The space in which the work of art will have optimal effect

3. And style

Further important factors include, of course, budget and quality, which we implement in our consulting right from the start – for while art can indeed be unaffordable, it does not have to be.

In the next step, we make recommendations – with several alternatives for the desired situation. We prefer to present my clients with original works, personally selected by us beforehand directly at artist workshops. That means it is much easier for my clients to come to a decision, for they won’t have to use imagination to picture how things will turn out. Rather, they’ll see right away what the work of art’s effect is at their new home.

Quick tip: Don’t join the crowd in trends or at events. The only person who has to like the art is you! You’ll obtain a good sense of what you like by attending art fairs, museums, and sites in your vicinity and simply allowing yourself to be inspired. Would you like assistance in selection and purchase? Then contact  me.