The Minarik Family in the Land of Bear and Elk

My family and I took a road trip through Canada this summer. It was truly fantastic. Our children were in Canada a bit longer than we were: they spent two weeks at a camp. My sister, Martina Schulz, is a boarding school consultant for Canada and knows the country extremely well. That meant we could trust her advice, and all three kids had a great time at Onondaga Camp.

They had the chance to really expend all their energy, for there are countless activities including water, land, and even rope gardens. Things never got boring.

The trip highlights for all of us were surely the various encounters with wild animals. Still today, Julius has a twinkle in his eye when he talks about his encounter with a bear while camping. And Rosalie is proud of having discovered an elk. Whale watching on the Saint Lawrence River was a special experience. And it was almost even more exciting to see seals from a kayak, also on the Saint Lawrence.

The weather was great and we covered plenty of mileage under the blazing sun, appreciated the beautiful countryside pass by, and did a great deal of chatting and laughing.

Our trip started in Toronto, driving from there to Algonquing Park, then via Ottawa to Quebec and Tadoussac. From Trois Poistole to Montreal, and from there to 1000 Islands. We also stopped to gaze at Niagara Falls, of course. And to round everything off, we paid a visit to the Mennonites. Our trip was truly bursting with contrasts! The most modern of cities and skyscrapers, then back to pure nature.

Hours of sitting in a car, then back to full exertion in a kayak. One day getting a sense for how simple life can be among the Mennonites, at times even without a telephone and traveling by horse-drawn carriage. And then the following day back in Toronto, where we climbed not into a carriage but into an airplane in order to fly back home.

This trip was just the thing for me, for I love originality, variety, nature, and action. And my family had a great time, too. I’m already looking forward to our family trip next summer!

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