Time for some new color?

A simple option for bringing a breath of fresh air into your apartment is to add new color to the walls. Clients often ask me what to keep an eye out for when selecting colors.

To me, the solution very easy. The most important aspect is that you really like it. Finding inspiration is simple, you can do it on your next walk. Which color draws your attention? Which color resonates with you? Perhaps the flaking color on a wooden door? Or the rusty red color of a modern sculpture? Or perhaps the autumn leaves in the sun, or the ripe berries on a branch? That is really all you need when making the decision for the right color on your wall! What matters most is your own impression! Of course, you can also simply use your favorite sweater. This is no different than the color of paint one purchases from a specialist. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Even the most creative of minds generally find their inspiration in what is in front of them: nature. Just think of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Perhaps you like a lush, grassy green? Or sky blue? Or muted earth tones like umbra or terracotta. Colors that may come to mind when you think about your last holiday in Italy.

Once you’ve found the color of your liking, there is nothing left to stand in the way of applying new paint. Except perhaps a few pieces of furniture, which you’ll need to cover as a precaution or move into safety in some other manner.

To be sure, there are indeed a few things one should keep in mind when purchasing paint. The amount of area one can cover per liter will indeed depend upon wall material and paint quality, but the general rule of thumb is that a liter of paint covers around four square meters. So, before you go out to make your purchase, be sure to measure how many square meters you are looking to cover. Additionally, you should also make sure the color will match furnishings. Also remember that rooms with dark paint need more light! In many cases, it will be sufficient to simply add color in a small area of a room in order to give the entire space new flair.

Those who are interested in painting a wall in more than just one solid color can obtain advice and assistance from experts. I myself have been collaborating with the company Rudolf Lang in Munich for years now. Their specializations include various effects that really make the colors on a wall take full effect.

They have an Oil Glaze Technique that can give new life not only to walls, but to furniture as well. This is just the right thing if you like marbled or slightly colored surfaces. The Stripe Glaze is often selected as an alternative to wallpapering, for it can generate highly similar effects with paint alone. Stuccolustro, Marmorino and Grassello di Calce are three further techniques that all originate from Italy. All of them play with various the surface structures of colors and materials to give walls a life of their own.

Stop by and see what the folks at Rudolf Lang are up to. You’ll obtain a good impression of the various possibilities. And let your creativity flow freely! We are here for you whenever you need assistance…