Everyone is talking about the “Internet of Things”, sometimes shortened to “IoT.” But what does this actually mean? Imagine your devices and objects at home are connected to the Internet, and you are able to control everything over your mobile phone. What possibilities can this open up for you?

I’m currently working on an interior design project to remodel an attic flat in Munich’s beautiful Schwabing district. Everything is set to launch early next year. The project’s owners not only want total gutting, a great kitchen with a bar, a modern wellness oasis, and large folding doors, they also want modern technology for our digital age.

How does this look in practice? There are now applications available, abbreviated apps, that will link your smartphone with equipment like the heating system, lighting, and air conditioner. This makes it possible to do things like control energy consumption or adjust room temperature while you’re out and about, rendering manual adjustment to all of this equipment superfluous. Moreover, a surveillance camera delivers security at home while you are on trips.

The remodeling project will be finished in August 2015, and the refrigerator will be filled with surprises for handover – a small surprise for our clients from Atelier Minarik. It’s a good thing we didn’t connect the refrigerator to the Internet in this project! Well, not yet anyway.

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