Office redesign for Egon Zehnder

Since March 2015, I’ve been working on a redesign for the Munich offices of Egon Zehnder International. The remodeling work is scheduled for completion in August of this year.


Egon Zehnder – An international corporation with offices in Munich

The Swiss company specializes in “successful personnel selection at the executive level.” It is with good reason that its website names “connecting leaders” as the company motto. Egon Zehnder is represented in 41 countries all over the globe. The company’s offices see master architects and politicians passing through their doors, as well as musicians, inventors, and a long line of further top minds. It is no wonder that emphasis is placed on having a great atmosphere featuring a sense of exclusivity. It is an honor to be entrusted with this important project.


New lighting concept

Having excellent lighting in offices provides added value as a workspace. We often do not perceive what it is that makes us feel comfortable in a certain space. What is certain, however, is that one can exert a positive influence on a room’s feeling with solid lighting design. It is always fun for me to submerge a room in a highly specific mood by leveraging a carefully selected lighting system.

As an interior designer, I transform myself to align with the client’s wishes. I’m currently working on the creation of exclusive office space for the company Egon Zehnder – a place where top minds come together and can let their creativity flow freely in an inspiring setting.


New floor, fresh paint, fresh wind

Even the most beautiful light cannot come into full bloom if the rest of the ambiance isn’t right. That’s why I am overseeing the complete renovation and coordinate all components of interior design. The Munich office covers 1400 square meters over two floors. Atelier Minarik is known for providing top shelf services across all levels. Of course, we also supervise interior painting and carpentry work. We will be renewing the entire flooring, as well as the climate control system. In a manner of speaking, we are bringing fresh wind into the office’s sails…

I place a great deal of emphasis on overseeing all of the details myself. That is what makes interior design work such a creative profession. In my last article about wall colors, you can gain insight into the many possibilities when it comes to selecting colors and painting techniques.


Sanitary facilities renovated last year

As an interior designer, I work on everything pertaining to design and planning for inside spaces. In this case, this also includes the renovation of all sanitary facilities. From October to November 2015, I redesigned these spaces, overseeing painting work, selecting tiles, and developing the right kind of lighting. Everything was completed under my direction.


Special challenge

One particular challenge to this project is planning the renovation work such that business operations could continue without restrictions. Thus, special logistics are required for workspaces. That means smooth cooperation with staff is an absolute must. At Egon Zehnder, I’m in the best of hands. The company is known for its “culture of collaboration”. Together, we will also do a great job at handling the period of the Munich Security Conference. Of that, I am certain. Like every year, the Conference is being hosted in February at the hotel Bayerischer Hof, which neighbors our building project directly. I’m definitely looking forward to the months to come!

Are you, too, contemplating a redesign for your office spaces? Thanks to the many years of experience, Atelier Minarik has established itself as the go-to partner for an full-service carefree package when it comes to interior design in Munich.

I’ll be happy to create a concept tailored to your individual needs. Simply contact me via telephone or e-mail. I look forward to your project!