Outdoor materials

Working outside as an interior designer


What business does an interior designer have outdoors? A great deal. Especially during the summer. I receive numerous queries for designing outside spaces, gardens, pools, and rooftop terraces. During the warm months, your home doesn’t stop at your four walls. With a bit of luck, we can open our doors and move our living room outside. Those who have a small boot or a yacht as an oasis of relaxation can structure the boat’s exterior using materials much like those at their own home. Outdoor spaces become an extension to indoor spaces in summertime. And that means that interior design plays a role on the exterior as well. The new collections from Missoni, Osborne & Little, Pierre Frey, Boussac, Ralph Lauren, Elitis, or Dedar add color and joy for spending time outside. Manufacturers like Perennials offer their own collections for “INDOORS OR OUR.”


The quality in how outdoor materials look and feel has become so good over time that more and more of them are now being used indoor, too. That means the transition from outdoor to indoor becomes fluid.

Quelle: Saum & Viebahn


And there are no limits on creativity when it comes to outdoor design either. Outside spaces can be great for recovery, inspiration, and recreation. They reflect one’s own way of life and tastes. A bit of material and design can turn every outdoor area into a highly personal oasis.


Creative design with new outdoor materials

Today, the versatility seen in outdoor collections means that no wishes remain unanswered. Many manufacturers have specialized in high quality outdoor materials. What used to be mainly deployed on yachts and boats is now found in modern urban gardens and rooftop terraces.

Quelle: Saum & Viebahn


Colorful materials with trendy designs and floral motifs recall memories of vacationing in the south – or in the north. Comfortable upholstered armchairs, long chairs, and lounging areas in aesthetically pleasing colors are great for rest and relaxation under an open sky. Stylish materials win people over with both how they feel AND how they look. Thanks to specially processed materials they can now survive rain, sun, wind, and weather.


Outdoor materials are multi-talented

Outdoor materials need to offer a bit more performance than most indoor materials. There are a few things to consider when selecting the right outdoor material.


UV resistance

Special materials with a high level of UV resistance are used for parasols and awnings. When selecting the right outdoor materials, it’s important to always keep in mind what the material was designed for. With awning, be absolutely sure to have a look at the UV resistance level! Covers, tablecloths, and privacy screens can be made from decorative outdoor materials. When it comes to these uses, the role of “UV suitability” is becoming more and more important.



If outdoor materials are going to be exposed to the sun, then they need to be lightfast. If you’d like to enjoy rich material coloring for a long time, then make sure there is a high level of lightfastness (Level 7 or 8).

High quality outdoor materials are often made from solution dyed thread. During production, spinnerets inject the threads with color pigments that seep into the fiber itself. Moreover, these materials are extremely durable and resistant to stains and weathering. That is why they are highly popular for carpeted floors.


Water repellency

When it comes to outdoor materials, a further distinction is made between materials being waterproof and water repellent. There are various levels when it comes to being waterproof, too. Umbrellas need to have a waterproof level of 1000 mm.


In conjunction with my business partner Andreas Buchele (interior decorator), with whom I do many of my projects, I look forward to a colorful summer season with great new collections and a broad range of options to provide versatility for your outdoor spaces. I’ll be happy to provide consultation on great ways to design your outside areas! Contact me today to be sure you still have time to benefit from the summer and your new outdoor space! Looking forward to you and your project!