…then they always do so with boundless passion, pleasure, love, and joy!

I’ll admit it, that title would be a great opener – if only I could cook! To be honest, my passion is more like watching others do the cooking with a nice glass of red wine in my hand, and then testing the latest culinary creations with pleasure, love, and joy. If it depended on me alone, the kitchen would stay cold.

There is one kitchen I recently visited that was definitely not cold at all. To the contrary, there was a lot going on at Ziemann’s Cooking School in Munich. Thomas Randlshofer, my long time business partner and friend, sent out an invitation to this culinary event. Just like last year, my wife and I came together with 30 other guests to have a great time preparing a meal.

The result could be seen and tasted: A rosemary beef filet skewer with shallot confit and herb tagliatelle, curried fish with aromatic rice, and tasty crème brûlée with pear for dessert. Simply exquisite! The event was a tremendous success.

Anyone now feeling inspired to become a Michelin star chef overnight and surprise his or her sweetheart with a three-course-menu can gladly write me an email. I’ll be happy to reveal these outstanding recipes.